First Job

On Sunday, I applied at a job and got an on-the-spot interview. I thought I did pretty well, they asked me a lot of questions and stuff and they decided to give me it, I'm going on Saturday to start (tomorrow as of writing this) and I'm super nervous, I know how to use a commercial dishwasher, but will I be able to keep up the pace? Its also gonna be pretty late that I'm working too, so I might be getting home at midnight lol.

Update:First Shift

I did my first 2 shifts on Saturday and Sunday, and they were amazing! I didnt work super late like I thought I would, but I probably will be once school ends, since then they dont need to worry about my education and all. Theres someone at the place they call "Grandpa Steve" and hes really nice, hes helped me learn how to do my job really well and very chill, sort of intimidating when you first see him, but hes like a gentle giant. I like my job a lot :D