Movement Shooters


I am the biggest fan of movement shooters, specifically, fast-paced singleplayer movement shooters. There is nothing more exciting in a videogame than mastering the movement controls of a complex movement-based game and being able to travel anywhere you want because of it.

I play two movement shooters more than any other. Post-Void (seen to your right), and ULTRAKILL. Post-Void takes place in a time simply known as post-void. You travel through 3 acts as the levels get more complex and strange, trying to reach the end. It is chaotic, bright, pixely, and a whole lot of fun. Play Post-Void. Play Post-Void. Play Post-Void.


Ultrakill is possibly the best game I've ever played, and it's still in beta. In Ultrakill, you play as the war robot known simply as V1. Humanity has perished, but theres one small problem. your fuel is blood. To keep operating, V1 descends down the layers of hell in search of demons to kill to take their blood in order to keep functioning. Through these journeys through hell, you meet other robots on the same mission for fuel. You must destroy them and take the fuel that they are operating with for yourself. But even robots are sinners in the eyes of god.... ;)